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Lively, Readable, and Engrossing

“The feel of the story assumes the guise of fiction, with its dramatic overlays and narrative style, but is grounded in fact. This makes the tale lively, readable, and engrossing as readers move through the crime spree that led to Michael’s downfall and the system that deemed him too dangerous ever to go free for the rest of his life…It’s a powerful read that will leave law students, African American civil rights followers, and general interest readers scratching their heads. Michael Anderson’s story concludes with a bow to the power of God and the challenges that will face him whether he dies in prison or is released to begin a new life…The Lifer and the Lawyer is a very highly recommended reading and should be in the libraries of any collection strong in racial or criminal justice issues.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Timely and Moving

“Michael Anderson’s story, elegantly told by George Critchlow, is a timely and moving testament to the power of faith, transformation, and the idea that any system that aspires to justice must account for the possibility of redemption.”

Russell Kolts, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Eastern Washington University
Author of An Open-Hearted Life and The Compassionate Mind Guide to Managing Your Anger

A True Story of Crime, Punishment, and Redemption

“A collaborative effort between a white criminal defense lawyer and his incarcerated African American client, The Lifer and the Lawyer is a true story of crime, punishment, and redemption. The narrative adeptly and unflinchingly raises questions about childhood neglect, unequal opportunity, excessive sentencing, racial bigotry, and the role of faith in redeeming lost souls. The Lifer and the Lawyer is a compelling and uplifting read that makes a meaningful contribution to the national dialogue on criminal justice reform.”  

Mary Pat Treuthart, JD, Professor of Law, Gonzaga University School of Law

This is a provocative book, which will likely elicit an emotive response

“The moment I picked up this book and started reading, one thing struck me immediately: this is a work of serious quality, by an author of real professional pedigree. As well as being a lawyer, George Critchlow is an outstanding writer, with a tremendous poetry to his work.”  

Matt McAvoy, Author and Senior Editor, MJV Literary Author Services
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A Powerful Account of Rehabilitation

It’s always great, and in this case, inspiring, to read a book by an author you know and admire. George’s account of the rehabilitation of Michael Anderson, with Mr. Anderson’s participation, is both a difficult and rewarding experience, meeting both the reflective, conscientious lawyer and the amazing prisoner/monk, Michael. Don’t miss it – critical reading in these times of criminal justice reform!

djbinthecosmos, Verified Amazon Purchaser


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