Divine Zape, for Reader’s Favorite

“… this book isn’t just about someone driving across the country; the journey takes on surprising perspectives and plunges the reader into the heart of a powerful reflection on the American conundrum… George Critchlow has an inimitable style of writing and his narrative voice, strong and ebullient, is loaded with humor, and readers will appreciate the satire that comes across strongly most of the time. Here is a book that tells a story, but that also forces the reader to laugh and think at the same time. Apart from the beauty of the prose and the vivid setting, this memoir is loaded with facts and questions that will excite the minds of readers. Hugely entertaining!”

Jack Magnus, for Readers’ Favorite

“Travels with Vamper is an absolute delight to read, and I’ll break with my tradition in reviewing books and say, right off the bat, that I hope Critchlow considers writing more books as part of his new life. Travels with Vamper is travelogue, history, memoir and sociological survey, and it all meshes so smoothly and effortlessly together…[Critchlow’s] accounts of clients and their cases are fascinating and yet another aspect of this most remarkable memoir which all too soon, and regrettably, ends.”

BookishCreature, from OnlineBookClub.org

“The author’s voice drew me in from the very first page. Critchlow writes in a smooth, friendly, unpretentious tone, and his book reads as though he were telling you his stories in person over a cold beer on a lazy day. Critchlow led an interesting life even before Vamper came into the picture – he’s traveled all over the world, argued many court cases, and even spent several years as the interim dean at the law school where he first studied. Stories from his youth, his days as a lawyer, and his teaching career are scattered throughout the book, and he does an excellent job of weaving them all together. The story bounces from past to present, from introspection to conversation, without losing its flow.”